Tarsus Scripture School

Published on November 27, 2020

The first online Advent Programme of Tarsus Scripture Schhol, Resilient faith: Advent spirituality for a time of pandemic, has just been launched. The emphasis will fall on Advent spirituality and the course offers six presentations (two from each speaker) and a joint webinar on 10 December. The presentations will be available on Vimeo from 23 November onwards.
The charge for the course is €20 per household. Registration is open now.

1. Praying the Psalms in Advent: Honest prayers when life is hard
Jessie Rogers (two Vimeo presentations)

2. Reading Mark in Advent: Wakefulness in Winter as We Attend to the Gift.
Sean Goan (two Vimeo presentations)

3. Learning from Paul: Holding on to the word of life (Phil 2:16)
Kieran J. O’Mahony (two Vimeo presentations)