Bishop Denis’ Easter Message

Published on April 6, 2023

Bishop Denis Nulty –  An Easter Message

The Collect for Easter Sunday acknowledges that God has “conquered death and unlocked for us the path to eternity[1]. It is a powerful recognition that the act of resurrection has opened for all of us a pathway to eternity. It is a recognition we will hear as the Collect is prayed on Easter Sunday morning.

There was that empty seat around the Last Supper table. There was the chilling silence of Good Friday and the shattering of that silence by a sparkling Paschal Fire on Holy Saturday. All leading to one moment – Resurrection. Opening up for us all a pathway to follow.

Pope Francis in his homily for Holy Saturday last year reminded us “the first proclamation of the resurrection was not a statement to be unpacked, but a sign to be contemplated[2]. The empty tomb is that sign, a tomb visited by Mary of Magdala, by Peter and the disciple Jesus loved. That empty tomb reminds us the grave could not hold Jesus. It reminds us of the promise of victory over death for all believers. The Risen Lord journeys with us. He gives us great hope no matter what we are going through.

At Easter as we gather in our churches and parishes, as we assemble for early dawn Masses, as we come together for lunch with family and friends, may we remember the One who has conquered death and unlocked that path for all of us into eternity.

I take this opportunity to thank the many who support the faith life in our parishes in so many ways. I thank the many who by their lives show us that pathway to eternity. I thank the many who believe and get strength from the knowledge that the Risen Lord can heal all wounds.

May your Easter be blessed, and your faith be nourished as you gather at the empty tomb and take that moment to believe again. Blessings on one and all,


[1] Collect, Easter Sunday Mass

[2] Pope Francis, Homily, Holy Saturday, 16 April 2022