Singing in a Choir

A great way to meet people – Conquer boredom – Overcome the doldrums – Expand your horizons.

A New Challenge: Learning to sing is a challenge in itself, but learning to sing as a group is a skill that makes the singing experience all the more enjoyable and rewarding.

Social Benefits: As with any society, being a member will not only enhance your circle of friends but also your social life. It is a fun and enjoyable way to socially interact and connect with people.

Health Benefits: The physical and social aspects of being involved contribute to making it a positive mental health experience. Providing an outlet from the pressures of daily life, singing is an ideal way to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. The act of singing gives your body an intense physical workout allowing it to release endorphins, which is basically nature’s version of Prozac.

Value to the Community: Sharing your talents as a singer and investing in nurturing the life and faith of the Cathedral community.

For more details about joining one of the Choirs in the Cathedral, please contact:-

Marian Gaynor: 087 668 9943