Carlow Choral Society

Carlow Choral Society was formed in 1965 when a group of friends met in a private house to listen to a recording of Handel’s Messiah. They expressed regret that the only way to hear classical music in the provinces at that time was on records, so after lengthy discussions, it was decided to call a public meeting to see if there was enough interest to form a classical musical society.

This inaugural meeting was addressed by the Cathedral Organist, Dr. Karel Seeldrayers, and Dr. Joseph Groocock, lecturer of music at Trinity College, Dublin. The latter advised the group to start with a major work Messiah and Dr. Seeldrayers agreed to act as musical director. Since the group was interdenominational it was named Carlow Choral Union and it held that name until the 1980’s when it was changed to Carlow Choral Society.

Carlow Choral Society has in the past 40 years gone from strength to strength, performing several major concerts each year.

Its repertoire now consists of many of the world’s major choral works.

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